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The Bible guide that is globally spreading the Gospel

Description of Rhapsody of Realities:

This is a daily devotional and inspiring Bible guide that assists with building out plans to read and understand the Bible. The devotions are divided into plans that can be done in a span of 24 or 48 months depending on preference and commitment of the reader. In the daily devotions, there are prayers and confessions that have been written down to help people wind up their devotional time and act as constant reminders during the day about that day’s reading.

Coverage of the Rhapsody of Realities:

The daily devotional guide is so far the best selling of its kind and is spread across 837 languages and is in beyond 242 countries. Some of the languages it has been written in include: Spanish, English, Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch, Cantonese, Icelandic, Croatian, Swahili, Afrikaans, Myanmar and Hindi among others. With these languages, it is able to spread the good news in God’s word to various ends of the continents. The languages are still been added as days go by in order to make sure that they are maximizing their coverage in spreading the Gospel. A magazine featured by the Rhapsody gives a constant update and reporting of what the ministry’s program looks like across the world.

Why it was started:

This devotional guideline was started to help people grow deeper in faith by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. For those seeking to know Christ better, this was a good development plan to take up. Apart from growing individual faith, it was also started in order to spread the Gospel as far as possible to all ends of the world. The focus is to increase a community of believers in God.

How to conduct your devotions:

Devotions are meant to be a quiet time that people set aside in order to open their hearts to God’s word. During this time, one has to be keen in order to understand and get the most out of these devotions in order to grow deeper in faith. Pastor Chris advises people to take up devotions during the beginning of each day. This is because if devotion time is allocated in the middle of errands, devotion will not be done as required and not much will be achieved from the daily readings. Additionally, since there are prayers offered for this daily devotions, it is important to have some quiet time and space. The prayers ought to be said aloud so that they are well fed to the spirit. This is a similar recommendation when it comes to the profession of confessions. Every time one states and makes a confession of faith, the deeper the spirit is fed and the more likely a miracle will happen due to the faith one has.

The outcome of the daily devotions:

It has been noted that many of the people who consistently go through their devotions see marvelous outcomes. When one is constantly doing the same thing and professing their faith in God through these devotions, they are blessed outright. From the testimonies given from all over the world, people gain financial freedom, job-related miracles occur, a family’s well-being is enhanced among others. Devoting time in reading the scriptures, praying and confessing of faith in God is showing a repeated sign of good tidings.


Becoming a partner to support this ministry is of additional value. By supporting the expansion of this devotional outreach through prayers and finances is a blessing in disguise. Your account is credit with various stories of people who have benefited from this daily devotions.

Together with other believers, you grow a network that is focused on spreading and growing the word of God. According to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the number of people that this devotion is reaching out to is enormous and is still determined on reaching to further depths of the world.

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